India is a land of god, goddess and love. Last month, I visited Vrindavan, a place where Radha and Krishna‘s love bloomed. They performed maha-raas leela on the banks of Yamuna. People of Vrindavan say “Radhe-Radhe” while talking or greeting others. Why?

Krishna was about to leave for Mathura to kill his Mama Kans. Krishna knew that he won’t be back to Radha. So before leaving, Krishna made her and give his word to her.

She wouldn’t cry once he is away from her.

Radha promised to Krishna, she wouldn’t cry and won’t shed the tears.

Krishna told her that her love is unconditional and he will be indebted to her till the end of time and the land of Vraj will always be known as her place and everyone would chant her name instead of Krishna.

Radha is in every grain, every blade of grass of Vrindavan. I blessed by Radha Maa & Shree Krishna by visiting Vrindavan. You should go there at lease once in a life.

Radha set an example of unconditional love, devotion and scarifies. No one can worship or regards Krishna without Radha. 

However, the devotee of Radha-Krishna really understood the power of love, they really do the respect to love? The answer is “NO“. Almost 80% devotees against love marriage.  As soon as they heard their son or daughter is in love, without wasting a minute apply strict rules like “do not go outside without permission or without elder brother or sister”, “do not use phone”, “restrict to watch TV”, etc.. Why parents doing all these? Why they don’t understand the love though they do worship of “god of love”.

To make your love success and get married many factors should work, they are: Religion and Caste should be same, by chance it is the same 2 clause is sub-caste should be the same or equivalent, by luck it is the same, boy’s earning equal to girl’s father or more than that, girl should be beautiful and agree to follow Rit-Rivaj of boy’s family. 

It is easy to love but reach to destination (marriage) in India is next to impossible thing for lovers. When a day come, we understand the real way of worship of Radha-Krishna?

To all devotees, how Radhe-Krishna accept your worship if you against love?

I am not saying that parents are wrong. Parents should have check all the necessary things and make the decision, should have break the unnecessary barriers.  Thank you for reading. Radhe Radhe!!

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