In last four years, the number of groups debut in media e.g Bhim Sena, JNU (Kaniya Kumar group), PAAS (Hardik Patel) group, Kshatriya Sena, Karni Sena etc.. These all groups/Sena representing the specific communities and protest them. However, the question comes to my mind, really these groups are needed? What is the vision and mission of these groups?


About the vision and mission, it is clear that protect their communities from other communities and fight for their rights. It’s all good as my point of view. Nothing is wrong. However, a question raised in my mind “Is this kind of unity required in our nation? Does this kind of unity harm for the unity of nation?” Let’s take some example and try to find out the answer.


Example 1:

Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel had started a journey to make the union of India and Maharaja Krishna Kumarsinhji Gohil became one of the first Indian rulers to accede to the newly formed Union of India. Why did both educated leaders not lead the specific community and lead the nation? Why they left everything for the nation? The answer is nation first.


Sardar Patel was opposed to the Parrot cry of socialism and lashed out against socialists for their agitation on an issue, which he considered, was hampering unity and strength of the country. He is reported to have remarked on 2nd January 1948 at Shillong before a mammoth gathering. By experience, I am convinced that what is necessary for us is to learn how to produce more wealth (created by one’s own labor) and thereafter think what to do with it. What the country needs, is not a parrot-like cry of socialism, but unity and strength”.

Patel asked the people to think, why England took a long time to become socialistic and why America made no mention of it even now.

Example 2:

I asked a question an educated boy who was protesting his community and support Jignesh Mewani, “Who is Ambedkar, what is the real surname of him?”.  I shocked by his answer, he didn’t know anything about Dr. Baba Saheb except his name though he protesting his community by name of Baba Saheb.

Baba saheb is a social reformer, his view is everyone has rights for education, choose a work and live a good life. He never against any communities, he was against the social leaders who set the rules for others and treated as a slave.

No human being can be a slave of another” – Abraham Lincoln

You can fight for your rights. If someone treats you as a slave or force you to be a slave, kill your future and spoil your life, you have to punish him/her. There is nothing wrong with it. Lord Shree Krishna told in Geeta.

अथ चैत्त्वमिमं धर्म्यं संग्रामं न करिष्यसि। ततः स्वधर्मं कीर्तिं च हित्वा पापमवाप्स्यसि।

if you will not fight this righteous battle, then forsaking your own duty and fame, you will incur sin.

In May 2018, four people beating a man, he died after that. The police arrested the four people, a social leader from their community ask for the land against death. Will the land solve all the problem of that family? The answer is “NO“.  As per my point of view, ask for justice to hanged all those four people instead of land and it will set an example for others.


The rights come along with responsibilities. This is the reason,  Baba saheb asked reservation only for 10 years. Now, the persons who had taken advantages of reservation are responsible to educate others and eliminate his/her lineage from the queue of reservation. But the reality is, they are habitual to take benefits which make them weaker than others. This is the reason a dream of Baba Saheb “equality”  till not come true.


I know it is not an easy path to take a place in other’s heart who follow racism. Why are you expecting respect from racist people? Why are you expecting one day will come racist people will love you? Why are you begged for it to the Government? Why you dependant on others for your rights? Even if you give love to racist people, they will never love you. So keep a distance from them, make your own world with unity and strength then they will realize you are equal to them and they will start respecting and love you. When they give respect and love you, accept their love.


Do you remember the movie “PAD MAN“? Read the real story of real hero:

Arunachalam Muruganantham proves that he is the real hero. He was a labor. Because of his success, celebraties, the honorable Prime minister and many others met him.  No matters, where he comes from. He makes his own world, where everyone would like to go. 

Arunachalam Muruganantham did not take any advantages from the government. He did not need any Sena to prove himself. That is the dream of Baba Saheb for every Indian.


Example 3:

To all my Kshatriya brothers, we respect Maharana Parap Singh Mewad, we love him a lot. We are celebrating his birthday and keep his posters in any rally. Why?


I know your answer would be “He was a Hindu King & fought whole life against Akbar and Muslims but did not make “Sandhi” with Akbar”. The answer is not wrong but not completely correct.

The correct answer is:

मनुष्य का गौरव और आत्मसम्मा उसकी सबसे बङी कमाई होती है।अतः सदा इनकी रक्षा करनी चाहिए|

Akbar was cruel, he put taxes on Hindu devotees, he had killed 30,000 normal people of Mewad State. Maharana Pratap loved his people, his state and these are the reasons Maharana did not make “Sandhi” with Akbar. He wanted his people did not pay taxes to Akbar, make them lives to hell.


Maharana Pratap did respect of every religion and every person. In the evening of battle days, Maharana Pratap did funeral of Hindu Sainik by Hindu’s law & Akbar’s Sainik by Muslim’s law. He believed that Kshatriya’s duty is to protect his people, his nation and fight for his king.


Who supported Maharana Pratap in his life of battle without any expectation? Who fought for the nation? Do you know the names? I’m sure many followers don’t know. It is not your fault. It is a fault of the persons who is targeting you and teach you about only Maharana Pratap’s victory but not how he got it and who supported him.


Not all Rajputs supported to Maharana Pratap, only Mewadi and others small states Rajputs supported to Maharana Pratap but not the king of Jaipur, Marwad and other big states supported that’s why Akbar ruled on Rajashthan’s most of the states. Ser Shah Suri and Hakim Khan Suri supported to Maharana Pratap even though they were Muslims, Bhil and labors supported Maharana rest of them live. There was not a religious or group issue like now. All from labor (lower) to upper people support Maharana who understand the values of Maharana Pratap, his love for his people, his love for his land. Rana’s brothers Jagmal Singh and Sagar Singh were serving Akbar and fought against Mewad. It was a war between Dharm vs Adharm, Nationalist vs Terrorist, not between Hindu-Muslim or more than two communities.


What above three examples express?

Sardar Patel fought for his nation, not for his community. Dr. Baba Saheb was a social reformer, he fought for freedom from socialism, everyone should have rights to choose his profession and which make a strong nation by choosing quality, not quantity(heritage). Maharana Pratap was a great leader, he gave equal rights to all, never differentiate his people in different groups,  and even though his brothers serving Akabar, he fought for his nation and people whole life.


Today, many leaders use these great leaders name, but are they really understand the values set by these leaders?


In the rally, the current leaders as well as his/her followers trying to express they are the lineage of these great leaders. I don’t understand why they spoil the great leaders’ image. They believe in unity, equal rights for everyone and respect his and other religion.


The current leaders are the courage of communities. They driving people in the wrong direction, they follow “Divide and rule“. People of India have to understand the values of unity, equality, and respect for others which make our nation strongest in the world. Sardar Patel and Maharana Pratap will not reborn to explain us and fight for this nation. We have to do understand from his life and values.

We need a “Manav Sena” which fight for unity, equality and nation, not that one who fight for specific community and their benifits only.

Jai Hind!!

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